A parisian story

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  Cheryl Bryant-Rushing

 I can truthfully say I have been planning on being "une femme d'un  certain âge"  since I was eight years old when I made a facial scrub from baking soda and hydrogen peroxide!


My mother, Gwendolyn, her name evocative of her beauty. taught me that foundation protected the skin from freckles.  And my grandmother, Lillian, whose husband was 20 years younger than her, modeled hats and gloves for sun protection.

At sixteen Mademoiselle Édith, my french Professeur taught me to carry an umbrella, and yes, always wear gloves.  


Twenty-five years old and my employer, Madame Sidonie. 

taught me the finer aspects of French facials with natural products, herbs and essential oils such as the lovely Lavender of Provence.  

In 1974 I concocted a distillery in my kitchen and formulated my first skincare creme for sensitive skin from almond oil, comfrey, and Irish moss.

I hope you will enjoy my bespoke jewels and tell your friends about Paris-Skin! Adieu!